powdered ~ prosery

Powdered sun streams down from strange skies.  Is it winter again? I graze my eyes over flimsy fallen snow. Could I, if I really try, trace that footprint I left behind? In the vault of my memories, a curtain moves, letting in a slap of cold air... air that sneaks past Time, stippling my skin with tiny dew drops of awakening. From depths of darkness, hope raises its eyelids, looks  at me, right through my eyes, into my soul,  demanding of me, "Where were you? When I wandered lonely as a cloud , searching for solace, searching for a shred of your strength to tether me as your sail?"

Sadje’s wdys , dVerse’s Prosery hosted by Lillian – I wandered lonely as a cloud, FOWC raise, go dog go cafe’s promote yourself Mondays,

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