Form Verses Creativity ~ nocturna

David of The skeptic’s kaddish and I began a fun poetry partnership in April. We just celebrated writing together a 100 verse renga, The Hyakuin 🙂 And within days, decided we would absolutely love to continue our writing collaboration and what has grown to be a warm friendship with a new poetry project

We’ve decided to explore poetry forms, one each from A to Z. Each week one of us chooses a poetry form the other responds to. David suggested we title it Form verses creativity 🙂 This week we are writing  –  a Nocturna. We’d love it if you want to respond with a Marianne of your own!

N for Nocturna

David’s Nocturna

The-silence, privacy, peace of the night-
How could this poet ever-fall asleep?
Shapes glow-flowing on computer screen bright.
In thick, dark-stillness, endlessly inspired;
Essence plunges-into fantasies deep;
I compose until my eyelids droop-tired-
My worn body tells me to-get more rest-
It’s quite unhealthy, this schedule I-keep…
Still, mid-nighttide… slickest-stanzas-stream best.

Sangeetha’s Nocturna

Constellations like candlelit tables
draped in dark blue damask of delusion
waxing eloquent, fabulous fables
secretly streaming the silent dark net
to incubate in my introspection
as sleepless fat fingers tap keys to set
a rhythm to whispers sent from above
winnowing words to sing an emotion
to the whims of midnight madness... with love


  • 9 line poem based upon a nocturnal theme;
  • rhyme Scheme: abacbcdbd;
  • metered in iambic pentameter.

David and Sangeetha ~ ‘Form verses creativity’

  1. The Alouette
  2. The Balance
  3. The Candlelight
  4. The Dizain
  5. The Etheree
  6. The Florette
  7. The Ghazal
  8. The Hexaduad
  9. The Italian octave
  10. The Jue Ju
  11. The Kimo
  12. The Limerick
  13. The Marianne
  14. The Nocturna

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