hypocrisy ~ a free verse

Her crimson clothes hung heavy

Yet Truth, Janus faced, decreed

That she must hide

Under the shade of shame

If only to protect herself

If only to save her name

Mindfills for Free Verse Revolution ‘s new poetry issue – Cassandra. I’m thrilled to announce that Hypocrisy ~ a free verse, along with two more of my poems, has been accepted and will be published in Free Verse Revolution Literary Magazine. Book Release is on 17th March πŸ™‚

Note from Free Verse Revolution – Our fifth issue will be titled β€˜Issue V: Cassandra (prophecy and deceit)’ and invites writers, photographers, and artists to explore the story of Cassandra in Troy and how its relevance is still felt today, across the globe. For Issue V, we invite you to explore the unknown, the unseen, the darkness and the infernal. Whether this be literally through depictions of an underworld and hell, or metaphorically by exploring how the Issue V endeavours to be a place for the truth; a place to lift up rather than silence a myriad of voices whether that be through artistic or written means.

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