winter ~ a free verse

photo ~ sangeetha, pangarchulla trail 2021
skinny twigs of mighty trees
flailing brittle arms,
with faux bravado, fighting cold

frigid sky purses thin blue lips
shuts off pleas
its not me! Winter's your foe

wicked wild wind wooshes ruthless
chilling earth to the core
ice crusted air ferries flakes of snow

survival is moot, fear is visceral
our esprit de corps is manacled
teeth chatter a staccato


MLM’s Saturday mix – faux,foe, core, corps; Cee’s FOTD , FOWC visceral, dVerse OLN

16 thoughts on “winter ~ a free verse

  1. So true!! Outside my window those “flailing brittle arms” are fighting off falling snow to no avail. It looks pretty from this side of the pane but less so when I have to make a trip outside!!!

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