a slash ~ a haiku

photo ~ sangeetha ~ Himalayas

a slash of pink sky

tears open the blue beyond

~ spray painting my eyes


Mindfills for Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesdays ~ colours/rainbow

Sharing here ….last year’s Colleen Cheesebro’s Tanka Tuesday challenge

29 thoughts on “a slash ~ a haiku

      1. Not so much for kindness’ sake, s.s.; more an appreciation of well-turned art and it is my joy to share with some few friends whom I might be giving similar opportunities. I know – and one personally for 50 years-plus now, – some excellent practitioners who I am sure enjoy others’ work.

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      2. My first name just the letter “J”; professionally I go by my full name, J Kirk Richards; here, I am richwrapper, commentary, outrages, prose and poetry in my third and fourth blogs, espectively: the first two were experimental. Sangeetha: what an intriguing name. I use the local public library in Sanford, Seminole County, Florida and get three hours of access delivered daily. When I do dally, that is. I read, write, garden, take the occasional beer, wine or spirits at a quite slow rate. I am accounted a modestly successful cook, especially of fish I have caught, plants I have raised, and I am renown as a stalker of animal proteins found in the wild – of any of several grocery stores hereabouts. I quit hunting with firearms after returning from Vietnam where the local wildlife shot back. That was enought for me. When “they arem” rabbits and squirrels (which because of our lack of longterm cold weather accumulate parasites – and for the better reason some specialty markets and local stores’ freezer offerings yield higher quality than the dubious quality found in the woods, and deer and other exotic animals also are readily available should one so choose to exercise their canines.
        I do my writing because I must. It’s past a mere compulsion; but I am through with writing for a living. I have been a U. S. Marine (active duty) writer and photographer and public affairs specialist, a sports editor, columnist and photographer, an editorial page editor and columnist, a writer for police and courts, features and hard news – and have supplied photos as well, and I’ve even written obituaries.
        I play chess, checkers, backgammon and woult like to try “go.” I have played scrum half and hooker at my local (Orlando, Florida and Tampa) rugby union clubs. Tennis used to take up a lot of my exercise time. In a very abbreviated nutshell, that’s me.
        J Richards


  1. Absolutely stunning photo – how lucky and blessed to witness this scene, to be in it, on your trek. Truly amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us – it’s worth a thousand words ….but mostly, just a few will do …. spectacular. Your poem is a great companion to it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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