Form verses creativity ~ the Alouette

photo credit ~ vidya shankararaman

David of The skeptic’s kaddish and I began a fun poetry partnership in April. We just celebrated writing together a 100 verse renga, The Hyakuin 🙂 And within days, decided we would absolutely love to continue our writing collaboration and what has grown to be a warm friendship with a new poetry project.

We’ve decided to explore poetry forms, one each from A to Z. Each week one of us chooses a poetry form the other responds to. David suggested we title it Form verses creativity 🙂 We start with the poetry form – Alouette. We’d love it if you want to respond with an Alouette of your own!

A for Alouette

My Alouette to David

Are you free my friend
to play until the end
a game of words and rhymes
laced all together
in fun and feather
feelings that come to our minds

We'll write to rejoice
life's true little joys
that make people want to smile
want to start to dance
as our words romance
with warm hearts for just a while

David's response

It's so clear to me
that we'll always be
inspired by one another.
The spell's not yet through,
so, we'll continue...
Let's craft our magic further!

True partnership flows,
as we've come to know...
It's what we've kept our eyes on.
Sync'd up stanzas hum;
why need their end come?
Bright glow ~ Endless horizons!

The Alouette ?

Two or more stanzas of 6 lines each
Meter: 5, 5, 7, 5, 5, 7
Rhyme Scheme: a, a, b, c, c, b

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