ash ~ a free verse

scent of ash
sneaking out of a memory
locked in time
warped by moments
and madness
whose embers never died
or so it seems
as the magic
of our last kiss
wafts at my cold feet
willing me
to gather
the remnants
of yesterday


Mindfills of s.s. for d’Verse quadrille hosted by Sarah Southwest- ash, and d’Verse Poetics hosted by Ingrid – ‘from a place of pain’

19 thoughts on “ash ~ a free verse

  1. Scent of ash – what a wonderful turn of phrase! That smell of a past fire is so very hard to get rid of – it lingers in clothes and hair and furniture and carpeting… even years later. Seems that love lost is like that too!

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    1. Grace 😍 Thank you for your beautiful words.
      Moments play out in a poem in unexpected ways…this one made me sad, not when I wrote but when I read it. So strange the journey of writing.


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