micropoetry ~ a hay(na)ku

Hay(na)ku ~ on hate – 1/2/3 words. Incidentally this one has 1/2/3 syllables

one day
you loathe love


Mindfills For A different perspective’s August scavenger hunt ~ 13 forms of micropoetry

The zappai, kimo and lune are here … https://mindfills.wordpress.com/2021/08/06/micropoetry-zappai-kimo-lune/

End of Summer Scavenger Hunt prompts:
1. Write a Zappai using the theme of drunkenness.
2. Write a Kimo on the subject of jealousy.
3. Write a Lune about birth. 4. Write a Hay(na)ku about hate.
5. Write a Naani about time.
6. Write an Oddquain about poverty.
7. Write a Tritina with a touch of whimsy or nonsense.
8. Write a Pentina having a theme of war.
9. Write a Sestina having a theme of exploration.
10. Write an Octina with a theme of revenge.
11. Write a Harrisham Rhyme poem on the topic of forgiveness.
12. Write an Abecedarian poem about the path to self discovery.
13. Write a Blitz Poem about death.

7 thoughts on “micropoetry ~ a hay(na)ku

    1. Oh! There was no upping!😅 It was the other way round. I thought it was 1/2/3 syllables and it happened to be 1/2/3 words…😋


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