into a mango ~ Huitain poetry

fit mango in your palm and squeeze
squishing the insides into mush
now bite the tip with practiced ease
as sweetness oozes in a rush
to smear your lips with orange slush
which drips down your palm, then elbow
and now you feel a foolish flush
just halfway into a mango

Mindfills for

dVerse – Tuesday Poetics hosted by Kim. How to cut a pomogranate…a fruity prompt 🙂

I’m trying a new form of poetry from Go Dog Go Cafe – hosted by Donna Matthews – Huitain poetry – a derivative of the French ballade
8-line stanza
ababbcbc rhyme scheme
Usually 8 to 10 syllables per line

23 thoughts on “into a mango ~ Huitain poetry

      1. So dushheri grows up in the north. Tastes a lot like neelam…It’s a little longer and often green on the outside and very juicy and extremely sweet.
        I Love Banganapalli. Alphonso…hapus! Oh miss that. Alphonso I read..was invented (grafted/hybridized) by portuguese monks here and thus the name (after the King)

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    1. Thank you Donna 🙂 I loved writing this form of poetry. As much as I loved eating that mango 😋
      I look forward to your writing challenges. Thanks so much🙏

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  1. I love a French French ballade, so the huitain is a form I fancy trying when I get back online. Your description of squeezing and squishing a mango is so palpable, I’m ready to eat one. I especially love the couplet:
    ‘s sweetness oozes in a rush
    to smear your lips with orange slush’
    and the ‘foolish flush just halfway into a mango’.

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    1. Thank you so much Kim. I like the lilt of the rhyme pattern.I had fun trying the Huitain. Hope you do too.
      About the mango…it’s the only way into one😅

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  2. Oooohhh…Dussheri! I love Dussheri!
    That is exactly how I eat Dussheri- create an absolute mess. Perfect poem describing the process of eating the mango.
    I’ve eaten many varieties of mangoes- Alphonso, Baiganpalli, Totapuri, Kesar, Himampasand, Langda… I especially love Dussheri, Alphonso, Kesar and Himampasand!

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