ripples #10

touched by a moonbeam
tranquil lake shivers silver
~ripples reach my ears
listening closely, I hear
lowest hanging clouds murmur

hanging clouds murmur
mischief firing up some fun
~pillow fight follows
sudden unexpected kiss
below falling down feathers

falling down feathers
caressing cherry blossoms
~April rain showers
shivering streams of silver
matting our hair as we dance

as we dance all night
starlight splattering on souls
~ summer sighs softly
as time’s tender tendrils tug
temptingly towards autumn

autumn always clicks
photographs in sepia
~ I’m thinking of us
thoughts flurry in photographs
like snow in the negatives

a flurry of snow
when wayward winter winds whoosh
in a gust of glee
off-grid up in the mountains
renga partnership on pause

partnership on pause
winter ice and summer sun
~ melt to meet again
rivulets rush rapidly
flowing freely together

rushing rivulets
rumba in rugged rhythm
~ rapture on the run
grrrowling in utter delight
bear cubs wrestle on the banks

wrestling bear cubs laugh
catching snowflakes as they fall
~ into each other
mama bear splashes nearby
~ looks like fish for lunch again!

splashes nearby
squirrels run helter-skelter
bushy tails must dry

A renga by David of The skeptic’s kaddish and me of mindfills. Thank you David for a delightful collaboration. It’s too fun to not 🙂

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