makeover madness ~ a rhyme

One magic weekend 
for no reason at all
my hairdresser of six years
turned a know-it-all

She announced in splendour
her twisted cause célèbre
she had picked me
for a mad makeover

Binding me intextricably
to her proposition
she took over my tresses
for reorganization

Topknot with a bouffant
part dizzy curls,part poker straight style
I crouched sullen low
and stared at the tile

Clearing her throat
then clearing the air
she revealed to me
what she'd done with my hair

The mirror shrieked
and I almost gagged
but I went and got myself
a brown paper bag


Mindfills for

Sadje’s what do you see
Go dog cafe’s promote yourself monday
MindLoveMisery’s wordle – weekend top, crouch, reason, tile, twist, magic, clear the air, cause célèbre, inextricable, splendor, proposition

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