past perfect ~ a haibun

April. Mayfair gardens. Spring turns summer. Today would have been the day. A fresh waft of coffee coloured earth wakes me up from my what-ifs wanderings. I’d fallen asleep on page 34. The paperback lay disappointed under our great big oak with its great big shadows stretching toward a darker time. Just as you did that January afternoon when you messaged “Sorry. I don’t.”

seeped in past perfect
fragrance of frangipani
after afterwords

d’Verse – Haibun for the new year hosted by Lillian
MindLoveMisery’s photo prompt

2 thoughts on “past perfect ~ a haibun

  1. So sorry to be so late in reply. Somehow, time has escaped me with all the occurrences since I wrote this prompt. I LOVE the image and the mysterious (at least to me) tone of this. And I know the fragrance you mention in the haiku. There is nothing, to me, as wonderful as that fragrance. A wonderful write!

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    1. Thank you Lillian…it’s wonderful to recieve such thoughtful words from you and you’re so kind to really read. Have a great week 🙂


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