firsts ~ a haibun

A spool of forgotten memory stirs. I’d taken my first flight ever, about to land in a place called Amsterdam, place my feet on a country other than mine. As I went clanking down the giant staircase they had wheeled to the door of the plane, a gust of winter wind hit my face like a tight slap. Born and raised in the hot hot east coast of a tropical peninsula, none of my cells had ever experienced cold. And now for the first time ever, every single one of them felt like an ice lolly.

I stepped into the warm KLM bus, and thawed into a human. That’s when I saw it. Through the windshield as wide as the world. My first snowflake. It floated like a dandelion and stayed hovering just to delight my eyes. More dandelions joined the ballet and my world wide windshield soon filled my eyes with wonder …and snow.

winter’s first snowflake

wafer thin wisp of water

waylaid by wind


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15 thoughts on “firsts ~ a haibun

    1. You know what it made me think about, Guys? This line caught my attention:

      My first snowflake.

      Because it wasn’t her first snowflake – it was winter’s first snowflake… so writing it the way Sangeetha did says a lot about her experience of it, doesn’t it?

      This was really tender.

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  1. I love that opening sentence! Memories are like spools of film sometimes. I love how you convey the contrast of the ‘hot hot east coast of a tropical peninsula’ and the experience of chilly Amsterdam, a city I’ve visited a fair few times and travelled through a lot. I especially love the reaction to your first snowflake and the comparison with a dandelion – an excellent expression of wonder!

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