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Getting lost is not a waste of time

Look ~ a decima

Where I go, no one can follow

and yet you want to come with me

fall into my reality

pay no heed to the tomorrow

or the time we have to borrow

to turn just one leaf of our book

without turning behind to look

armed only with vehement faith

in the us that’s written in our fate

winking at the chances we took


Written by Mindfills s.s. for

Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge  – Look in C rhyme

Go Dog Go Tuesday writing prompt by Frazier and Amanda – where I go no one can follow

Neeraj’s photo challenge #333 on MindLoveMisery

11 responses to “Look ~ a decima”

    • Haha… yeah…it got too gooey…thought the title can offer some respite. I enjoy writing the decimas each week and they all go on their own weird journeys. I’ve had fun. Thanks

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