Earth bubbles red

clots of wrath

in pots and cauldrons

in mouths of mountains

Why are you so mad?

asked the elf

peeking from a knot

in the giant oak tree

Aaaaarrrgh! Earth roared

from her core

Can’t stand the rot, she cried

They’ve ruined

my last pure spot

The elf then decided

to trot to the phone

and sent an SOS

to wake up the gods

They yawned and reached out

for a wand of lightning

and carelessly cast

a Pandemic spell

Earth was appeased

and thanked the gods

who went Oops my bad!

That was a spelling mistake


Mindfills by s.s. for

Jude’s Saturday Symphony #7 – ponderous thought – nature and fantacy

Lynn’s Tuesday picture prompt #10

MindLoveMisery’s Saturday mix spot clot knot rot pot trot

13 thoughts on “spelling

  1. Nice mash up of prompts. Things do come in cycles though and hopefully the latest mess will cycle out sooner than later. Though someone mentioned the last big Flu… (not Sars) lasted about three years.

    Liked by 1 person

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