Caprice of the gods

The gods had a bright idea
And carelessly blessed pink
On the pomogranate and the lotus
Leaving them little time to think
On a whimsy they plotted
and gave all the pride talk
to the peacock who showed off his dance
But who baltered on his walk
They artfully raised an eyebrow
When the hermit crab ran sideways
and couldn't cross the crosswalk
in her tropical paradise
And then those gods on the sly
picked on the village singer
whose voice sounded like baby's breath
and rubbed her up in fear so she was never discovered
That's when they whelved their caprice
on unsuspecting humans and levied a deadly tax
by scattering this crowned virus
that turns our lungs to candle wax


Mindfills by s.s. for

Paintchip poetry prompt 29 – tropical,  long lost, lotus, peacock, pomogranate, baby’s breath, bright idea, hermit crab

MindLoveMisery’s Wordle – discover
eyebrow rub up fear village singer crosswalk candle sound whelve balter

Thesaurus game …. on a whim, wrote this quirky one and well… used >1 synonym 🙂

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