waves ~ a decima

I was lost at sea when I heard

waves whispering words of whimsy,

their mindless mirth gone all giggly

much like an impish little bird;

Still, ripples glistened undeterred

through days and nights of eons past

through earth quakes and volcanic blasts;

I’d stumbled on a lucky fact

I have a sea to be lost at

and I ran home to sleep at last


Mindfills for

Sue Vincent’s writephoto – glisten

Ronovan writes – Decima – bird in A… abbaaccddc, 8 syllables

dVerse MTB hosted by Grace – First person

23 thoughts on “waves ~ a decima

  1. This is so utterly beautiful and serene. I love the imagery of the sea and the waves; it’s absolutely incredible and enthralling. I really love this poem. The rhythm is enjoyable, and the imagery is captivating. Excellence.

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  2. Fun piece. Having those special places. The sea or ocean or mountains. They all carry their own music, and you caught a bit of that. There is also something about the end, perhaps because there are many who have nothing to call their own, and yet this person now does.

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