a clique of unctuous lovebirds titter

preening through layers of paint

fighting to keep tired facades

of meaningful bonding steeped

in nose nips and bee knocked lips

begin to get ahead of themselves

screeching ‘yeet‘ throwing

towels and tantrums

keeping appearances afloat

a cleopatra turquoise eye tattoo

a current favourite in

apocryphal verisimilitude


MindLoveMisery’s wordle #192 & JibberJabber – Begin & FOWC lovebirds

unctuous,tire,bond,meaning ,layers, yeet,current,float, knock, ahead,fight

3 thoughts on “apocryphal

    1. Haha…it’s fun. Thank you for reading and continuing the one word challenge. I started writing only with discover prompts 🙂 It’s lovely of you to write in. My name is Sangeetha.

      Liked by 1 person

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